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  • Anyone using Legato SQL plug in as their only method of backing up SQL?  I have concerns about losing control of my backups to operations.  Anyone have any experience in how well this works?

  • I will not worry who controls the backup ... I will be more interested how eficient and reliable they are....

    I believ most of these backup solutions are pretty good for VLDBs...


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  • I am a long term dba and am always concerned when I am responsible for recoverability and the backup process is taken out of my hands.  I don't know how roubust the Legato interface is so I don't know if I can leverage the new features for SQL2005 backups or do more sophisticated backups.  This was really the intent of my question.  Who is using this as thier only mode of SQL backups and are they satisfied as DBA's that the complexity of our environments can be covered this way.


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