ldf purpose

  • beside having the ldf file(s) been used at the database recovery time and for transactions rollback purpose is there any other purpose for them?

  • the log files are used for disaster recovery ,recovery of individual transaction or for recovery for all all incomplete transactions when sql server is started.

    Point in time failure recovery... Log shipping to maintian a  warm standy server..


    krishnan kaniappan



  • Data is always logged in transaction log file. The transaction log is a serial record of all modifications that have occurred in the database as well as the transaction that performed each modification.

    As pointed by mkrishnan, it will be used for Log shipping.


  • The transaction log is the main mechanism used to implement transactions, i.e. the Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable properties of the common A.C.I.D. definition. By providing a record of changes, AS THEY ARE MADE, the transaction allows rollback (or roll forward) of consistent units of work. This rollback capability is often used independently of recovery, providing a way of backing out unfinished work when an error is encountered. The SQL Server transaction log is an integral part of the system, and as such is much more than typical "log" files, which are more like progress reports or error lists.

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