• Hello,

    I am seeing lots of Lazy Writer processes running when I run sp_who2 and "LastBatch" is showing time when server was rebooted. But, it is still showing it using lots of CPU and I/O resources. Can this cause issues with SQL Server operations? Also, we use SQL litespeed for backups and it has been failing today (Error: General Network Error), Can lazy Writer be causing any issues. I am attaching a screen shot of sp_who2 output --

    I will appreciate any input.

    Thank You,


  • Hello Mr.Jay,

    Did u sort out this issue...? can u share the solution, am facing same issue.


  • Can anyone help me to sort out this issue.

    Today i faced problem with this server, suddenly there is nothing executed on this server.

    In Event Viewer i noticed the Error : 701 "Insufficient memory to run this Query".

    Any solution on this would be Highly appreciated...

  • Please post new questions in a new thread. Thank you.

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