Layout problem: How to prevent automatic landscape ?

  • Does anyone know how to prevent automatic landscape setting?

    I need it to print an invoice/receipt-like form which using custom paper size (width: 8.5in, height 5.5in) is half of letter size and must be printed as portrait.

    RS has problem that it turns landscape automatically if the width is longer than height, which is not expected.

    By the way Crystal Report can do this successfully but CR has another different problem also......

    Can RS do the same as CR in term of page layout? Please help...

  • RS does not turn landscape because the width is greater than the height. What it actually does is takes the defined width and height and compares it to the possible paper settings available on the default printer. It goes through the list of paper and compares their paper size in portrait and then landscape until it finds a match. If the paper selection it first found was a fit in landscape, it will be printing in landscape. Apparently, if it does not find the correct size, it uses the closest match that it found (I have never had cause to test this).

    So, you can control this behavior by modifying the available paper sizes to ensure the orientation of the first match found will be correct for your needs.

  • leave less space if you do not use,

    or you can use Property-Layout to specific the page size.

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