Large data warehouse Capacity

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    We have recently gotten a hold of a large data set that we use for comparison studies. It is alittle over 1.4 billion rows and will double next year. We are trying to decide whether our currently server can handle this type of data. This data gets loaded once a year and is only read against. Our server specs are below:

    SQL Server 2012 Std

    2x Xeon 6 core processors

    64 gigs of ram

    3.5 TB of storage (15K 300 gig drives in raid 5)

    Does anyone think this sufficient or what would be more desirable? Right now the data is a bit of a struggle right now and are trying to decide if the server is up to it.



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    Many factors come into play, it is not just the number of rows.

    How the data is being queried, indexes, etc. play a part.

    You need to see and understand what is causing your struggles today.

    If money is no object, you can always throw more hardware at it.

    But I haven't seen too many places where that is a good answer.

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