Kill Single Report in SSRS 2005

  • Is there a way to kill an individual report in SSRS 2005? Possibly using DMV's to determine the SPID? I can determine the user and report using the code below but can't find a way to kill a single report unless I restart IIS. If not, is there a way to limit the number of pages that can be exported? Some users are exporting 1000's of pages and crippling SSRS.


    FROMReportServer.dbo.RunningJobs a

    INNER JOIN ReportServer.dbo.Users b ON

    (a.UserID = b.UserID)

    ORDER BY StartDate


  • Any ideas at all? Thanks in advance.

  • In 2005, if you go to the Site Settings page and you have full admin rights on the server you should see a link for "Manage Jobs." If you then go to that page and refresh a couple of times you should be able to see the job you want to cancel.

    Check the box, hit the cancel and it "should" kill the report.

    I say should because I've had times where it didn't and I had to look at the start time in running jobs and match that with a SPID and kill the SPID.

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