Kick starting Extended Events

  • We have no prior experience of using XE.

    Yes, our DBA group uses server side traces, sp_whoisactive collections, and more.

    Yet none of us yet have dived deep enough into XE to make momentous decisions.  What would you advice we start with? what Sessions/templates/ should be the first one we launch for starters? and should exporting data to table be also scheduled as a Agent job? to avoid xml querying the XE data.  or is it automatic? We are big on historical data collections, too. Not using much 3rd party tools.

    thank you all for sharing your experiences and intellect! I always appreciate it.

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  • I'd just jump in and start using XE. First, there is no way of completely avoiding the XML. It's fundamental to the process. However, I recently wrote a blog post on how to largely work your way around the XML. I have a whole slew of blog posts on the topic of extended events. Many of them cover the basics of getting started using XE appropriately.

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