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  • It should be noted that no matter what value is passed into the procedure, you will always get 10 "words" (language to be determined) from this procedure.

    select @i=0


    while @i<10


    set @i=@i+1

    Still, it's fun to mash my F5 to keep executing this and seeing if it gets close to any words, phrases or names that I recognize.

  • sorry, forgot to change it to a parameter...

  • No problem and no offense meant. As noted, it's an entertaining little item and it was nice to look for the "Gotcha" in the script.

  • none taken, thanks

  • The next step is to peek up a word (more than three or four letters of course) and Google it:-D

    I tried with this one - Kimatos :w00t:

  • Great idea...

    Kimatos, hmm...why do I feel like I don't want to do that...

  • Hey. With the Maine Coon reference in there you get some great pictures of tail.:w00t: That'll get your Labor Day week end started. 😉

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • my favorite so far are: Fukeh, brothers Isefedamot and Ygogigenot, definetely the Toxo dude.

  • I created a C# application several years ago that scraped a famous quotes site. It then displayed a randomly selected, randomly ordered, random length list of words (without regard to parts of speech). When run through babelfish en->fr->de->es->en it was surprising how profound the results were occasionally. Sort of the room full of monkeys concept.


  • Makes sense, languages weren't invented based on some rules, rules were added later

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