job schedule doesn't work well

  • I have a schedule for a job, which supposes to run the job once an hour. But sometime the job stop somewhere and never start again, sometimes it stack at some step of the job and never stop. In both cases there no error message generated. I find it out because the job was not done by schedule.

    Need help.


  • Was job created by maintenance wizard?

  • No.

    One is a merge agent,another one is created by myself for sending data to a ftp site, it uncategorized.


  • Run one step at a time to find out which step are causing the problem and post the script/SP of that step here see whether we could help out.

  • Here is a example:

    Step 1: run a DTS job: DTSRun /~Z0xEEE636F80548F73BA5EF00A188020419240846A5997A9C43D83FB3FFFB45BD53333A443666903946F30BA9567E487415C37678474BFDEB13786E3197438AF920742AA740327BBF834A7244374B5F0B900DBE91

    Step 2: run a script:

    set nocount on

    create table #ftp_script (

    script_line varchar(255) not null )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'name' )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'pwdstring' )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'ascii' )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'append C:\temp\Data1 remotePath\Data1.dat' )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'append C:\temp\Date2 remotePath\Data2.dat' )

    insert #ftp_script values ( 'quit' )

    exec Vineftp // a store procedure




    drop table #ftp_script

    It supposes to run once an hour, most times is ok. The last run status is 5/20/2003 2:00 pm Succeeded, the status says Excuting job step 2, it is still there.

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