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  • Are there more jobs for SQL Server DBA, or SQL Server developers (SQL,DTS and T-SQL), or BI/Data Warehouse developers?

    Are there a big demand for SQL Server 2005 DBA and developers?

  • Where did you look for to find those DBA jobs?  I know that there are at least a few posted just in here each months.  Then I guess that could have quite a few more.

  • I am asking which position in greater demand, so you are telling me more people looking for DBA than developers.


  • No clue.  I've been a developper all my career but then again, I never really looked for a DBA job.  If you are strictly asking for a dev job that touches sql, then I guess you have more dev jobs.  But if you are talking a t-sql developper then I don't know.

  • I think SQL Server developers have more jobs because there are typically more of them than DBAs. However BI/warehousing is a place where I am seeing more growth.

  • I would agree with Steve, but add that DBA's also tend to get paid slightly more than developers - at least from what I've seen.

    Either way the BI market is the hot spot.

  • Data Warehousing seems to have been going actually. Before landing this position, I got hit up a couple of times for Data Warehousing positions.

    But then again, I'm still pretty early in my career to be pinned down into a single position.

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