Job History "Initialize Log #1... #50"

  • As part of my daily sql 2008 tasks I review the job history from last night's run. When the log File Viewer comes up I see

    Initialize log #1


    Initialize log #20


    Initialize log #40


    Initialize log #55

    and it takes a long time for it to pull up a few hundred records (we only keep the last 2 days worth of tasks.) Why is the viewer retrieving so many log files? What can be done to trim that number?



  • Still got this in SQL 2022.

    Despite clearing log history right down the "Initialize Log" number initially climbs to 235, to then only return a handful of records.

    No idea where all these log files are as there are only a couple on my server

    No idea what 235 represents? maybe the number of restarts?

    The files I can see are >


    Any ideas folk?


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