Job fails with error : Failed to add row to output buffer SSIS

  • I have a data flow task with 2 components :

    source ODBC : with more than 3 000 000 rows

    OLEDB Destination : it's my table destination .

    the job works perfectly every day at 2:00 AM . But this day it fails with the folowing error  message :

    The system reports 97 percent memory. There are 8589463552 bytes of physical memory and 195,731,456 bytes free. There are 2147352576 bytes of virtual memory and 118149120 bytes free. The swap file is 17072041984 bytes and 2497855488 free bytes.

    A buffer failed while allocating 10485608 bytes.

    Failed to add row to output buffer.

    Note that : this is my server configuration of my customer : 8 G RAM / Processor : 2,6 GHZ

    --> i think it will be a problem of size : so what is the solutions offered for this situation (any tips to configure in SSIS or other) ?

  • 8GB of RAM on a server that is hosting a SQL Server data Engine as well as needing to process large files in SSIS is a tiny amount. I would suggest that the error is telling you the problem; there wasn't enough resources to load the file into memory and process it. For a production instance, you likely want a "little" bit more than 8GB, as after the operating system is loaded, and SQL Server has been running for a little while you're very likely at 90-95% memory usage.

    You've also posted in the SQL Server 2005 forum, are you really using that version? If so, I would strongly suggest that along with getting that host upgraded, you get the software upgraded. SQL Server 2005 has been complately unsupported for several years, and (unless i recall incorrectly) SQL Server 2005 doesn't run on any supported versions of Windows either, therefore you're running some really out dated stuff there.


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