job fails wíth access denied

  • Hi
    We are using SQL 2016 and just recently ( last two week) the jobs created by Maintenance plans to delete old bak-files fails with this error:
    " Executed as user: NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT. The process could not be created for step 1 of job 0xDD36461A167E074EBB758BD23B9E5BD1 (reason: Access is denied). The step failed."

    I haven´t change anything and it has been working before.
    I have added NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT to the bakup-folder with full access but no difference.

    What could be the cause to this ?

    With regards

  • Just a small insight, if its saying that the process could not be created.. I don't think its access to the operating system folder thats the issue, its access within the sql server, are you sure the SQL Server Agent/Engine hasn't been reconfigured to use a different account?

  • Give the account Sysadmin rights aswell.

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