Job Error Messaging

  • I was wondering if anyone new of any tables in 7.0 used for job messaging that are not documented on the system table map.

  • I honestly haven't looked - are you looking for something in particular or just curious?


  • The company I work for is creating a web based program that will report on job statuses. Basically, I'm trying to find any supporting tables that are used by EM for the job messaging. I searched through msdb and didn't find anything. My thinking is that most of the messaging comes from parsed fields in the sysjobhistory table and much of the others like "Success" and "Failure" are hardcoded in relation to fields like sysjobhistory.run_status. If they want it data driven, I'll probably create the look up tables within the project's database. I was just wanting to know if possibly these tables already existed somewhere.

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