I've Got the XML – Now What?

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  • An excellent article, I have been looking for a method to get an rss feed out of a sql table and this looks like it may be able to help.

  • I'm glad I could be of help.  I hadn't thought of rss as a possible application.  I have written an rss feed coming out of SQL server, but I basically queried the database directly from the asp page (by configuring IIS.)  I borrowed the technique from the article below.


    But if you've got it working well with SSIS then why change it.


  • Unfortunately since the article was written, Altova has stopped distributing a free edition of XMLSpy.

    However, you can try it out for 30 days (careful it's very good and you just might end up buying it!). There are also other free xsl authoring tools available.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?


  • Looks like it might be an interesting article, but the Figures don't render at all, and the code is in a window that is so narrow any word more than 4 characters breaks across the line. All in all, useless.

    Hopefully you can fix.

  • I'm using IE6, and can view the article OK. hmmm.

    Can't help, I'm afraid.

    (But this article has been there for quite some time, and I've not heard of any problems.)

    If anyone confirms the problem, I'll get in touch with Steve, the editor, to look into it.

  • Hmmm is right!

    I was using a machine that has IE7 at the time it didn't display correctly. I just tried it on my own machine which also uses IE7, and it seems to be fine. So... Hmmm.

    Thanks anyway.

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