Issues with IsDate()

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  • Using that Stuff example, wouldn't that be the same things as:

    select isdate('1753'+ ' ')

  • I'm confused as to why you would consider '1753' to be an invalid date (assuming we're using the Julian calendar).

    Datetime datatype runs from 1st January 1753, and the implicit and explicit conversions of '1753' are 1753-01-01.

    Also if it's just 1753 you have a problem with, then your method doesn't work anyway; try

    select isdate(Stuff('2011', 4, 0, ' '))

  • And what happens if you actually send a real date to isdate using this so-called 'workaround'? It fails, of course, so what possible use is it? Surely you would check to see if the input to the function even resembled a date, rather than attempting to handle integers in this way. Non-problem which has produced a non-solution, sorry.

  • i dont understand the usage of any such formula ?

    can anyone explain the real scenario where this is useful.

    for any input in select isdate(Stuff('input', 4, 0, ' '))

    it gives me '0' answer ,

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