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  • mcfarlandparkway


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    I have a select statement that

    selects studentid, studentjoiningdate, studentchargedhours, case when std.studentjoiningdate=.H.Date then std.studentchargedhours else 0 end

    from student std left join dbo.state st on st.stateid = std.state

    where std.studentid = '3456' --- hece it returns here 5 rows for this id.

    left join DepartmentDate H on std.State = H.State  -- here it returning all the rows.

    there are no rows matching in the DepartmentDate with student table joining date columns. how to avoid these rows to pick only 5 rows


    I have to do left join with departmentdate table , there is case statement in select list i am comparing std table joining date with departmentdate table date. if it matches then do some logic..



  • Phil Parkin

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    Sounds like you want an INNER join to DepartmentDate.

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  • DesNorton


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    Your SQL is not valid.

    Your description of the problem does not make sense.


    Kindly provide readily consumable sample data, your expected outcome, and a functioning SQL statement.

  • jonathan.crawford


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    Also, you don't have to have a LEFT JOIN just to make a CASE statement work. The JOIN operation is about matching, your CASE statement is simply saying when to return something and what to return.

    That said, although the utility of CASE isn't dependent on the LEFT JOIN or not, if you have tried to join on and get no results, then your CASE statement is never going to return anything but 0 either.

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