Issue in exporting to Excel

  • We are facing an issue when exporting the report output to an excel. Ouput looks like garbled characters in excel.PDF is fine. We are using Excel 9(Office 2000). Looks like,we need to use Excel 10 office 2002,3. Did any one faced this issue.

    Any one using MS reporting services with Excel (Office 2000


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  • I just read in BOL that in order to export you have to be using the latest version of Office - XP 2002 or later, I believe. 

    I'm getting the same garbled result.

  • That's right.  The CLIENT needs office XP or later to export to Excel.  I got around this problem by setting up a subscription to email the Excel file to the user.


  • This issue apparently is going to be addressed in an upcoming (June/July) SP of Reporting Services.  See also in thread

    This SP is intended to give export support to versions back to Excel 97, by exporting in binary interchange format.

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