ISO 27001 Standard and Database Administration

  • Hi All,

    I am working for a small company that is looking to tighten their overall IT security via ISO 27001 compliance.

    Are there any references that I should be looking at from a SQL DBA's point of view specific to this standard?

    The ISO manuals are rather robust to say the least.

    Topics I'm currently addressing are below:

    -SQL Patching


    -SA (account and role)

    -SQL Port

    -SQL service discovery

    -SQL login Auditing

    Am I missing anything severe?



  • In most business with its own implemented security management system that they processing business operation such as Employee information, client details, business deals. In today’s business environment significant events hacking, online frauds, duplicating are high.

    But, the business with ISO 27001 certification which intend commit to protect the information and the compliance relate digital data, papers and the employee information.

    ISO 27001 standard provides a systematic framework to effective security system and minimizing the risk of unknown users.ISO 27001 standards provide a structure for securing and managing information and relate to legal compliance, through this process which improves the performance of managing security information.

  • I am aware of what ISO 27001 is about, my question is what as a SQL DBA could I be doing to my database systems to align with my companies goals of achieving this certification?

  • Features OF Information Security Management System

    ISO 27001 is a generic in nature can applicable to any type of organization.

    ISO 27001 describe the mandatory requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Confidently in exchange of business information and access to authorized users.

    The standard provides a valuable framework for resolving security issues. By attaining ISO 27001 international standard business gets globally recognized for managing risks to the security of information hold.

  • Advantage of ISO 27001 standard

    •ISO 27001 standard map out a framework for effective security information.

    ISO 27001 commit the organization to compliance with legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.

    •Enhance the security awareness within an organization.

    •Avoidance of threats and vulnerabilities that affect the organization.

    •Gets capable of recover from attackers and improved ability to survival.

    •Internationally recognized and lead to increase new entry level.

  • How come you haven't mentioned disaster recovery strategy? That's pretty important IMHO.

    We went through a similar exercise some months ago and I had to provide the IT manager with a full document of our Backup / restore process, (on-site and off-site).


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  • Yes, DR is very important, but not the topic of this thread.

    I'm focusing on ISO 27001 standards which focus on information security.

    For the moment, MS SQL Security best practices is what I'm guided by.

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  • I am very concerned about one question, can I ask it here? What is the difference between Implementing ISO 27001 & ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer training program by BSI?

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