Is there an easy way of moving all controls down the report?

  • I'm working on a report which has a label (it's a TextBox) at the top, in the middle. The label says simply Transaction Report. To the left of that label is our address. To the right are 6 TextBoxes, three  are captions and the other three are data elements. Under all of this are several other controls, including a tablix. Basically, lots of controls.

    The users have asked me to pull everything else down, except for that Transaction Report label, and make it larger, above all the rest.

    If this were something like HTML or XAML I could easily do that. But this is SSRS. The only way I can think of moving all the controls down the report, so I can leave the one label, currently in the middle, as the top "row", is by dragging each of the other individual controls down, manually. Considering how much time one takes to aligning controls, etc., that prospect isn't appealing to me. So, I'm wondering, is there some way I can edit the .rdl file with some text editor, to accomplish the same thing?

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  • This won't help you after the fact, but when I have lots of textboxes I find it useful to stick them in a rectangle.  That way I can just shift the rectangle around the screen if I need to reposition things.  Short of a rectangle, the only way I know how to move textboxes is the tedious one-at-a-time method you're trying to avoid.  I'd be interested to see if a more informed member of the community knows a slick trick for highlighting multiple items and dragging them around together.

  • If all of the controls are in the same section - either the body, page header or page footer - you can select all of the controls (Ctrl-A) and then de-select the one item...

    Then...hit the down-arrow key and all selected controls will move down except that one un-selected control.

    You can also select the controls by using the control-key and selecting all that you want...and again, use your arrow keys to move all of them left, right, up, down as needed.


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