Is there a way to dynamically change the column names in a flat file destination?

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    I want to create an ssis package to query our db and output to a text file. It would be run for different clients. The query would be the same, but some of the column names may change depending on the client. Is there a way to set the names of the columns dynamically - maybe inside of a script task?


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    You might want to look at utilizing the OpenRowset function to write the data to the file instead.

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    Within a Dataflow task the metadata (column names/column count) cannot change at run-time. If you work with the same column count but the source has a different name with the same data-type, you could just use the query to change that column name to a standard name.

    You could also handle it with a script task.

    Come to think of it CozyRoc has a Data-Flow Plus component that might be able to do what you are talking about.


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