Is there a way to drop 2008 R2 Reporting Services caches?

  • Reports on our SSRS are on a schedule which makes them expire at 7:00 AM. From time to time I need to purge caches during the day.

    Surprisingly, stopping and starting the service does not drop them.

    Is there a programmatic method for doing that?

  • There is no way to delete the cache directly unless you want to develop an application that does so using the SOAP API.

    If your cache is filling up quickly, I assume that you are experiencing an excess of cached versions of the reports due to variable parameter values. A new instance is created for each time the report is run for the first time with different parameter values than other cached instances.

    The only way the cache is actually cleared is via the expiration schedule set of the the report cache. I would go to that schedule and shorten the interval between expirations.

    The main gotcha here is that all cached instances are automatically recreated upon reboot if they were still valid.

    This is obviously not a complete answer, but hopefully it will give you enough information to inspire some creative thought.

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