Is PowerPivot Really for Self-Service BI?

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    Suppose an organization wants to implement "self-service BI" on a large data set for a wide variety of users, e.g., financial, research, and marketing professionals in, say, the healthcare space (i.e., where the users are not techies, but use Excel, probably on minimal laptops). Each user wants to see a specific set of data, and have regular groups of dimensions (like, custom-built hospital or procedure groups) saved and accessible, against which they may do reporting.

    Are PowerPivot and PowerView really going to provide that self-service BI solution for them? Anyone with experience in that problem space want to comment? Thanks.

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    Yes. Infact the data modeler has to walk the extra mile to ensure that the model is supplemented with all features planned. Also, since the the idea of self service BI is to entrust BI capabilities to end user, any project aimed to serve end users must have a thorugh plan to teach users how to BI. In this case tecahing users to create DAX measures on the fly.

    Raunak J

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