Is it best practice to change the password for distributor_admin?

  • Hello,

    Our audit team has decreed that all logins should password policy turned on for all SQL Server logins.

    They also decreed that the login password needs to be 32 characters.

    I found the command to change the password:  sp_changedistributor_password

    The question that I have,  is this something that is going to break my replication?

    Is it best practice to have the distributor_admin set to adhere to the password policy and change every 90 days?

    If not, I will submit an exception to policy if this will negatively impact our replication.





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  • When I worked at a Fortune 100 company, passwords that were used by machines only, and not people, had a 12 month password change cycle. Changing machine only passwords every 90 days introduces risk that the password will not be set correctly, and will cause an outage.

    If you have a privileged ID password storage system, make sure it gets updated with the new password.


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