Introduction to SQL Server Everywhere

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  • No stored procedures? Then how do you program against the database?

  • Yes, there are no stored procedures and views.

    Steve Lasker, Program Manager of SQL Server Everywhere has an answer to this question in his blog...(

    He says "We continually hear from customers they must have stored procedures in SQLce, or it's just not a real database.  Aside from us not wanting to expand the size of the nice compact database engine, or the code free file format, I'd ask, do you really have everything you need locally to run the exact sproc locally?  Do you really want to burden the local machine with everything the server needs to complete the operation? .............(Read further from his blog)"



  • Excellent article and a nice reply to the question above. Customers seem to forget that additional functionality means more resources. If there really is a need for stored procedures, use some other version of SQL Server.

  • Thank you very much for that explaination. Makes sense now.

  • The most important question should be here about data synchronization. If it is designed to work as a disconnected client, what tools are provided for synchronization with the server databases?


    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • Hi Yelena,

    SQL Server Everywhere supports synchronization by Merge Replication as well as Remote Data Access (RDA). I will cover this in one of my upcoming articles.




  • Excellent brief and informative article.




  • I have downloaded the sql everywhere two times and installed everything ; however, i am not able to add a reference to the project because that .dll is not in the list of options..

    Has this happened to anyone? And how do i fix that?


    Dam again!

  • It could be a problem with the permissions. The installer may not be able to register the dll with GAC.

    You could try to browse to the installation directory (from the browse tab) and select the DLL manually. This will fix the problem.


  • Sometimes i wonder about my brain!


    Works great!


    Dam again!

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