Introduction to DTS in SQL Server 2005

  • hi vinodh,

    its really appreciatable work u done.nice presenatation.i like ur work well. like this any articles means pls present.




  • hi vinodh,

    its really appreciatable work u done

  • Hi Greg,

    I read your comment and I would like to try it...

    " create a new DTS package in SSMS by opening an existing legacy DTS package and saving it with a new name. Then, open the new package and replace what's in it with whatever you want in the new package."

    We have an existing DTS package in SQLPRODUCTION , I would like copy and modify it to SQLTEST using SQL Server Management Studio. I downloaded Design-time Support for SQL Server 2000 DTS Packages.

    I'm new in SQL Server 2005, can you tell me the steps on how to do this?



  • Pity it was poorly written, had wrong references, skipped steps, and assumed that the reader knows all the missing steps.

  • First time I have used 2005. Trying to follow the article but am stuck at the first hurdle.

    'Data Transformation Services' does not appear in my list of templates. See screen print.

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