Interrupted Update Query. Lost changes?

  • i was running a bad update query in QA and canceled the job midway by hitting (X) in upper right corner. The query was changing EVERY record. I cannot tell if only a few records were changed. I did a controlled test on a test table and no changes were made.

    Could any of the first updates gotten thru to the original table.

    A soon to be more carefull user.

  • If you execute a simple update (update table1 set col01 = <something>), if you stop execution before its finish, the modifications will not be applied. SQL Server will ROLLBACK all modifications made in the transaction by returning the data to the state it was in at the start of the transaction.

    You can read something in BOOKS Online, section "Controlling Transactions".

  • This is corect. All the changes in SQL are considered a single transaction if this is one statement. This would be an implicit transaction.

    Steve Jones

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