Intermittent sqlmail success - troubleshooting

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-GDR) (KB4583460) - 13.0.5103.6 (X64)

    SQLMail Account configured with SSL checked and Basic Authentication account to

    Suddenly last week emails stopped working. First we thought it was TLS version configuration issue but after I set it up as a scheduled task running every minute I realized the email works SOMETIMES.

    About 10 times out of 100 when running every minute.

    Checking the logs I found an interesting tidbit on 3 columns that indicate success if certain account is used (although the scheduled task is A CONSTANT job running every minute)

    Check out the img below for better understanding. Pay close attention to last_mod_user or user_idmailissue

    What would cause this variation?

  • Is this a SQL Agent job, or something else?

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  • Yes it is a SQL Agent Job

    Thank You for responding. Cheers.


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