Interactive Parameter Selection with Reporting Services

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  • Hello Adam.

    First thanks for some awesome articles. I don't have a2012 in hand, but I'd like your comment on the performance for these dynamic reports.

    Given 3 years of data, how fast is this report?

  • Hi Tommy,

    I have had no issues with performance as this is virtually identical to "standard" SSRS. Indexing the data tables appropriately and possibly creating indexed views (and caching reports) really helps provide much faster report delivery though.


  • How is DateSelector integrated into Tablet_SlicerHighlight.rdl as when you run the latter report it still displays the Month & Year params and the View Report button.

  • Hi Biz,

    To combine the two you set the reportingyear and reportingmonth parameters to visible = false in the slicer report described in the previous article.

    This has the effect of "replacing" the built-in SSRS parameter selection with the "interactive" year nad month selector.


  • Hi Adam

    It would be good to have a full working solution to see how the Month Year slection integrates with the Sales Report.

    Cheers John

  • Is the code supplied in this article to go into the Code area of SSRS, or is it a stored procedure to go in the database?

  • Hi Robins80,

    The code here is to go into the database from where the SSRS report will read the data.

    If you download the sample file you can see this in the database, once restored.



  • I haven't read all the way through the article yet but was wondering (ahead of reading) if the refresh happens immediately after the press of one of the date buttons. So if I had January 2015 up and I wanted to refresh for the prior month I would have to wait through two refreshes. The first would happen when I changed the year to 2014, giving me January 2014. The second when I changed the month to December. Maybe you have solved this by simply giving me a refresh button that I could use after I decide on the date I want. I'll keep reading. Thanks.

  • Adam,

    It may be my lack of understanding of SSRS but I'm struggling to get the Month Year selector to work with the SlicerHighlight report. I have hidden the report parameters and dragged the DataSelector on to the SlicerHighlight report. Running the report displays the report correctly with the current Year & Month displayed but when you select another Month or Year the only display is the Date Selector, no chart is displayed.

    Looking at DataSelector.rdl the Go To Report on the Action Dialog only specifies 2 parameters (Month & Year) whereas the report requires 3 Parameters (Month, Year & Country) but then adding the Country parameter no longer makes this a reusable 'widget'.

    Like I say its probably a misunderstanding on my part, but I would be interested to see it working. As you say existing SSRS parameters and the View Report button are less than ideal.



  • Hi John,

    Perhaps I need to caveat the concept of "reusable". By this I mean that you do not have to rebuild the date selector for every report.

    You will, however, have to tweak existing or new elements so that all parameters (those in the date selector and those in any other visualisations such as a slicer) all handle the parameters in the report in the same way. In practice this can add a few minutes work, as every clickable element (12 month text boxes, 3 year textboxes and a slicer textbox) need to have the three parameters applied.

    I hope that this makes things clearer.



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