Integrating SQL LiteSpeed in your existing Backup Infrastructure

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  • I have been using Sql Litespeed for about a year now on several database servers and I am quite pleased with the product. The only problem I have with it is the need to manually (or create a job to) remove the backups created by Sql Litespeed. Currently I use a scheduled DTS package running an activex script to remove old Sql Litespped backups but I find this approach clunky at best. Anyone have a better way and/or know if the ability to remove old backups will be built into the Sql Litespeed product?

  • I too use Litespeed and have been doing so for quite a few months. We've substantially reduced the backup sizes and tapes required with this product.

    We also have a DTS package to do the work. In fact, the DTS package calls the backup procedure (full or diff, depending on day) and then runs an ActiveX task to delete the files. Seems to be the simplest and easiest way now. Supposedly DBAssociates will be adding a "maintenance plan replacement" engine soon to their product line.

    Steve Jones

  • Currently you need to write a process that removes the old files. This can be done either through DTS or a T-SQL script.

    One thing you could do is read the backup history files and then delete older files for that database using xp_cmdshell.

    The next major release of SQL LiteSpeed will have a GUI front-end as well as a process to convert existing Maintenance Plans to use SQL LiteSpeed.

    If you are interested in scripts for SQL LiteSpeed you can contact Craig Allen at Edgewood Solutions. He has some scripts that have been submitted by other clients.

    Greg Robidoux

    Edgewood Solutions

    Greg Robidoux
    Edgewood Solutions

  • I just noticed on the Sql Litespeed website - members only area - a script that allows you to backup a database and purge old back up files. I have not tested the script myself yet but it might be easier to manage than a DTS package.

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