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    My questions are for those of you who may have participated in the beta program.  Currently, we have 100’s of Crystal reports deployed on a web server.  Our web based applications along with our desktop applications run their reports using a URL access method.  Example, http://servername/myapplication/myreport.asp and the ASP code utilizes Crystal’s Automation Engine components to render the report within a web browser.


    Has anyone done anything with accessing SRS reports using the URL Access method?  If so, how is this done in terms of the location of the reports and accessing them?  Do you use http://servername/myreports/something.asp(x) or something?  I understand that request for a report comes through the Report Server sitting on an IIS server, but what is it that is contained in the URL?  How is whatever is called in the URL deployed. 


    I have been all over MS SRS site, but as usual there is very little substance with this new of a product.


    Thanks for any guidance you may have.

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  • Yes, you can access a report using a URL. Reporting Services also has many options for how you render a report.

    For example:

    http://servername/reportserver?/Samples/Employee &rs:Command=Render&rs:format=HTML4.0

    Will render the Employee report in the samples directory in HTML format. The Reporting Services BOL documents this under Reporting Services Programming\URL Access.

    -Kevin Williams




  • Thanks Kevin.  I assume by submitting this URL, the SSRS Request Handler processes the request, invokes the Report Processor, gets the RDL from the RS Database, performs the rendering, and returns the HTML.

    I not too sure if I understand yet, but when you "publish" a report, are you telling it a virtual directory, or does the parameter after the ? qualify which report you are actually wanting?  Is SSRS storing some kind of hierarchical namespace or something that groups reports together.  For example, I have 3 different applications, each have their own group of reports.  Would I have URLs like the following:

    http://servername/reportserver?/App1/ReportA &rs:Command=Render&rs:format=HTML4.0

    http://servername/reportserver?/App2/ReportB &rs:Command=Render&rs:format=HTML4.0

    http://servername/reportserver?/App3/ReportC &rs:Command=Render&rs:format=HTML4.0

    We have not yet installed SSRS, so that is the reason for my questions.  I would image I would find what I need in BOL, but until we get it installed, I'm on a fact finding mission.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Reporting services does have a directory structure so that you can organize all of your reports as desired. You can publish the report to any folder you like when you build it or you can use the built in report manager to create directories, move/upload reports, etc. Your sample URL examples would be correct. 

    -Kevin Williams

  • Thanks again Kevin.  One last question.  Where is teh RDL stored?  Is it stored in the SSRS Database or as a file in the virtual directory?

  • In development it is a physical file. When you release it to Reporting Services it is stored in the database.

    -Kevin Williams

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