Integrated Authentication - External Data Source

  • Hi,

    From my testing it seems that SPNs need to be setup for the external data source and I was hoping someone could confirm this for me?

    Example: client -> connects to report server -> report server then connects to another server with SQL server installed and accesses a database.

    On the report server: SQL service & Reporting service both use domain accounts and both have registered SPNs. The Report server also has a registered SPN.

    If I connect to a SQL Server that does not have a registered SPN - it fails ("Cannot create a connection to data source #### (rsErrorOpeningConnection). Login failed for user 'NT Authority\Annonymous LOGON'").

    Now I connect to a SQL Server that that has registered a SPN - it works fine.

    Is this normal that you cannot access external data sources unless they have registered SPNs?

  • My understanding is that you are correct in that the hop doesn't know the credentials to use for the connection thus Anonymous. SPN is one method. There are other methods but it depends on the way your client application handles the viewing of the report.

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