Instance Failure (System.Data) after configuring hostname alias

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    I have configured hostname aliases for 3 different instances (2 2008r2 & 1 2012) on the same physical server. After configuring, ON THE SERVER, i'm able to connect to all instances using either virtual hostname alias or physical-hostname\instance. However, when i'm sitting at my desk or some other computers, i'm unable to connect to only hostname\instance of sql2012.

    Here is the error when connecting through SSMS:

    Cannot connect to servername\instance. Instance failure. (System.Data).

    Any helps/ideas are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  • daigia_dzadzich

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    Any ideas/responses? The issue is still standing & so sporadic, so i can't deploy the configuration to production 🙁

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    Open Sql Server Configuration Manager

    Click on SQL Server Network Configuration and select Protocols for 'Instance name '.

    Right-click on TCP/IP -> Properties

    Change the port from 1433 to 1434.

    Restart sql server and it should work.

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