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  • Brian, I'm glad y'all are doing this!! However, the details (specifically of download file selection) in that video have been out of date since October 2008. 😉 We shipped Samples Refresh 1 on Halloween. Samples Refresh 2 will ship in the second quarter of this calendar, and will consist primarily of bug fixes.

    Also, a minor clarification, most of the Books Online examples for SQL Server 2008 still use the original AdventureWorks databases (which is why we ship both versions together for Katmai). For the most part, only the BOL topics which need new features like FILESTREAM, geography, HierarchyID, etc, were updated to use the AdventureWorks2008 family of databases.

    We're definitely working to streamline the AdventureWorksKilimanjaro experience, and we're planning to only ship one year-model family of databases for SQL Server Kilimanjaro.

  • Brian,

    Thanks for the tutorial on installing the adventureworks sample db for SQLServer 2008. I have a questions though:

    So, I wasn't able to get the database to install because it did not see the SQLServer 2008 instance. I did, indeed, have my instance running that I use to practice making and querying db's and it IS SQLServer 2008. I have the db icon on the the lower right and it has the green arrow and all (I know the service is running). Yet the .msi installation file doesn't see it? What am I doing wrong?

    Also, I figured out how to put the database one manually by downloading the mdf and lbf files for adventureworks and attaching it through the SSMS. I'd like to point out that I am an absolute beginner and am trying to teach my self this stuff, so is simply attaching the mdf file a valid way to move or install databases? Is this all that the installation file is doing? Should I also be doing something else?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best Regards,


  • Bill, which edition of SQL Server 2008 is your instance (that the SR1 installers can't see)? If it's the base model of Express, you'll need to update that to Express with Advanced Services (because AW2k8 requires iFTS and FILESTREAM that's not available in the base model).

    Before I left SQLBU a couple weeks ago, I was working on updates to the SR2 installers. Since they haven't backfilled my old job yet, I'm still working on those in the moonlight, but the timeline's going to be longer than originally planned "Spring '09". If you're willing to try them out, the SR2 beta installers are up on CodePlex and are stable: they'll let you install only the databases that work on Express base model (or an instance that has iFTS or FILESTREAM disabled).

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