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  • Hi,we are planning to install a 64-bit server.But there is a32 bit server already installed.There are some databases on this server.what is the best approach(backup & restore) or (attach &detach).If backup & restore.I need to take the full backup and log backup.and restore the full backup with no recovery and log with recovery,is this is the correct way or any suggestions??

  • Detach all your user databases and keep it in a safer location. Install 64 bit and attach all the user databases. The only difference between detach/attach and backup/restore is that detach/attach is quicker but involves downtime as the source database will not be available. Its enough if you restore the full database backup no need of transaction log backup..

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  • If downtime is ok for you then and am with Deepak ,Go ahead with detach and attach.:)

  • I've done this at least three times in the last 2 months. Detach and reattach works fine but make sure you have a backup just in case. Also, if you reinstall SQL (say to put x64 on it) and have your data files stored somewhere else besides the default location make sure you apply the right permissions to the folders they are in after the upgrade. Otherwise SQL might not be able to access the files.

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  • detach and re attach, also dont forget to script off your logins and take those across too


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  • I do Aggree with Deepak, use sp_revlogin SP to transfer logins from one server to other. before Detach and reattach the server.



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