Installing missed items in SQL Server

  • Hi,

    Someone, prior to me, installed SQL Server 2019. and missed a few things like SSIS, SSRS. I am new to this, but I believe  go to SQL server installation center and click on the top item "add features to an existing server", and select the install folder and step through the wizard to add the items.

    How ever, when I go there it wants me to select and installation folder and I am not sure where that is.

    Can someone tell me where I go from here?


  • You should be able to use the default installation folder UNLESS it is asking for the installation media folder in which case you will need to point it to your SQL installer folder.

    But otherwise that sounds right.  Something to note though - you don't NEED to install SSIS and SSRS on every instance and with 2019 (and a few older versions, but not all of them) you can only have 1 SSIS and 1 SSRS per server (VM or physical), so if SSIS or SSRS is already installed on that server for a previous version (2017, 2012, 2016, etc), you may end up breaking things.

  • It is asking for the Medea folder, but since I did not do this, how can I find this folder?

    And this is on an different server from the old one.

    Thank you

  • The "media" folder would be the folder that contains the installation media.  So wherever you are running "setup.exe" from is the folder you would use for that.

    IF you don't have the installation media (ie you are using programs and features to change the configuration), you are going to need to download or find the installation media.  If you have a visual studio subscription, you can download it from there.  Otherwise you may need to ask one of the other DBA's (if there are any) or someone from your IT where they store the installation media for SQL Server 2019.

    I would be hesitant to get the installation media from any source other than Microsoft OR someone I know and trust personally.

    Also, after installing SSIS and SSRS you are going to likely need to install all of the SQL Server patches to get it all up to date, but those are easy to find on Microsoft's website.

    This link (Microsoft) gives you access to download it, but it is the trial version.  You will need your license key to use the full version and I am not 100% sure if this will let you add features to an existing install:

  • Okay thanks for taken the time to help me with this.

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