Installing client connectivity DLL only

  • When our installers setup a new Win 98 computer for Sql 7 access, they run the the "Standard SQL 7" install. This errors out, stating that only client components can be installed. Then they deselect "Books Online" and "Management Tools" and proceed to install the client connectivity DLL's. Finally they use the Client Configuration Utility to make the default Network library TCP/IP not Named pipes.

    How can this process be streamlined?



  • Havent tried it for client tools but might work, take a look at unattended installation in BOL. For the client setting should be able to just push a .reg file to make the change.


  • The reg file and at the most you will need to install the MDAC to get the drivers installed for SQL server on th client. But you do not even need the regfile if the connection is IP based and is to the IP or URL (which must have a DSN entry) directly.

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