Installating SSIS with Named Instance

  • I got it right with a lucky guess! Thanks for the question.

  • How timely. I just added a note to this MSDN article yesterday to explain how to deal with multiple instances in a cluster when SSIS is not a cluster resource. This allows you to store your packages in MSDB rather than having to use the file system, which has the advantage of using server storage to protect passwords rather than a user key. The only other thing to watch is the DCOM permissions, and running agent jobs using a proxy tied to a credential that is a member of the local Distributed COM Users group on each cluster node is a great way to manage those permissions. This ensures that agent jobs will be successful regardless of which node an instance is running on.

  • Interesting question. We typically use the file system so I haven't had to encounter this.

  • Thanks for the question.

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  • My answer was based on the logical understanding of instance configurations. And yes I got it correct. Good QoTD. Thanks.

  • Interesting question, thanks a lot!

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  • Good question.

    There's one flaw though: If SSIS was installed at the same time as the named instance, there's nothing to do - the installation process does it all for you.

    If it was installed after the named instance, but before the default 2008 installation, you will already have had to modify the config data to make it work at all before you get to the 2008 install.

    If it's installed at the same time as or after the default 2008 installation, it will be set up to use the default instance's MSDB so the config file will have to be modified in these cases too.


  • nice to see this type of question rather than all those coding ones!


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