Install Second Intance of RS on Same Box

  • Currently we have a test box for reports. This box has both RS and SQL. Now I am asked to install a second instance of RS on same box using the same SQL backend (different databases) for report databases. Is it able to do so? I googled but don't see much people succeed. I don't want to mess around the current test box so probably I will need to build another test box to install one instance then install another instance. This is kind of time consuming so I will put it off until next week but would like to see if you guys anything to share.


  • I've not had any problems installing multiple instances of SSRS on the same physical box. As you said, you need separate database names and separate names for the Report Manager and Reporting Service virtual directories. (I'm assuming SSRS 2005). The most helpful aspect is a good naming convention. Otherwise, straightforward.

    Good luck,

    Scott Thornburg

  • you can just use the named instance while installing and create virutal directory in configuration manager

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