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  • We would like to install reporting services on a two node multiple instance (active/active) cluster. I've read that Reporting Services is not cluster aware. I'm a little confused as to the installation process. One instance of our cluster is the production instance and the other is our secondary (beta) instance. It would be optimal if we could have RS on both instances, but I know that it is resource intensive. Since our secondary instance is not going to be utilized as much as the production instance is it best to just install it on that instance? And if we do, can it fail over?

    According to this article, it says that installing on a two node active/passive cluster is not supported, but then it says that failover clustering is supported only for the report server database and you can not run the Windows Service or Web service as part of the cluster. It goes on to say that the report server runs independently of the failover cluster.

    I'm very confused as to the proper installation procedures if we want to install on the cluster. Any help is appreciated.


    Wendy Schuman

  • As BOL says, SQL Server Reporting Services itself is not Microsoft cluster aware, meaning you cannot install it as a cluster resource. What you want to do is create a cluster for the SQL Server instance, and then create the reporting services database on that instance. To make the actual SSRS websites have "failover", you will need to set up load balancing between two IIS servers. This involves installing multiple instances of SSRS and pointing them to the same ReportServer database. Instructions for how to do this can be found in BOL here:

  • Thanks Larry!

    Wendy Schuman

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