Insert with OUTPUT clause

  • vk-kirov


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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Nice question. Of course I got it wrong, as I thought it would be the same answer as the QotD from 13th of May. 🙂

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  • Arjun SreeVastsva


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    Good Question .....By Seriously I attempted the question luckly my answer is match with answer....

  • ziangij


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    thanks... i had to read BOL to get this right... 🙂

  • Richard M.


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    Nice question... with a twist from the QOD from the other day 😀

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  • rjv_rnjn

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    A twist on previous question agreed, but I do not agree with the choice of answers. It is a bit too vague to select that as an answer.

  • sjimmo


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    Agree with rjv:

    A twist on previous question agreed, but I do not agree with the choice of answers. It is a bit too vague to select that as an answer.

    Tricky with the select at the end. Good question, makes one think. I do a lot with triggers and output statements and had doubts.

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  • UMG Developer


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    Good question, it made me think some. I did refer back to the previous similar question to see what was different, which helped.

  • Dave Jones - CRC


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    Nice question. I almost got it wrong because when I read it, I assumed the output had a "into @myTable" after it. But when I read it again (and actually paid attention this time), I saw it didn't. 😀

  • deepak.a


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    Thanks For the Good Question 🙂


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    Thanks - nice question.

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  • TomThomson

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    Another good question, but a bit close to the one posted 6 days earlier - I was catching up on QOTD today after a while of not having time so I got to these two questions maybe 15 minutes apart (would have been less if I hadn't spent time thinking about the first one). If I hadn't seen the previous one, and read the references in the explanation and played a bit with output clauses to get a better feel I would probably have guessed this one wrong (picked the syntax error instead of another error).


  • ipkunte

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    I received the following error message when I ran the script on SQL Server 2005.

    Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 2

    Line 2: Incorrect syntax near 'OUTPUT'.

    Can someone put a light on this?

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