insert in replicated table

  • I create 2 tables for my test.

    table1 (int id, nvarchar(10) Name)

    id is PK and IDENTITY set to YES

    table2 (uniqueidentifier id, nvarchar(10) Name)

    On columns id : IS row ID = YES and Default value = (newid())

    I add row in both table and Synch for the first time.

    Now on each side I add a row

    Server side:

    insert table1 (name)  values('test2')

    insert table1 (name)  values('test2')

    PDA side

    insert table2  (name)  values('PDAtest2')

    insert table2 (name)  values('PDAtest2')

    and Synch again.
    All row was there in the table2
    But it missing pda inserted row in the table1. 
    How can get all row without changing the type of my PK id in table1?
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  • I found the solution.

    In the Table article Properties, the tab Identity Range... They have a check box Automatically assign and maintain a unique identity range for each subscription. Each time a saw it it was disable... but I can change it BEFORE I click the Apply or ok button when I add the article....


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