Indexing Strategies

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    Ramesh Gummadi

  • Excellent article - well done !!!

  • Well done. Very informative.


  • It's good, but somewhat inaccurate.  In the first section about filtering on member_number, it says that the leaf level of the non-clusterd index has the row ID.  This is true only if the table is a heap table (has no clusterd index on it).  If the table does have a clustered index, the leaf level of the non-clustered index on member_nember constains the clustered key value, which is then used to do a clustered index seek to get to the actual data.

  • great article

    very informative

  • I concur, very good article! Now all you need is an animated graphics design to walk through the process using the examples in b-tree format for visualization.

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