Indexing a Large Table

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    roelofsleroux (2/2/2010)

    As far as your opinion on the indexes goes, I'm pretty much happy with your statement that the Index on the composite key should be sufficient.

    I did not say that.

    I said that the cluster is on the date, the query is doing a clustered index seek and with the current way the query is written there is no way to get it better. That does not in the slightest imply that the index is sufficient, just that no indexing is going to help unless the query is rewritten.

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    You say, if you don't use the date parameter query takes longer time. It means query takes the data set correctly to get the rows. So, the reason for taking about 5 minutes to process 8000 rows could be the function you are using. Is that function in turn, access much data? If so, you will make 8000 calls to determine the outcome. You may have to rewrite the function or if those values are static per stock, move to a table and join with that table.

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    Sorry GilaMonster, miss use of words. But i do get what you said.

    Happens when I have 100s of things to do at the same time. 😀

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    roelofsleroux (2/2/2010)

    Thank for the head-up. But will this explain the reason why my SQL server over-consumed hardware resources and ended up not responding?

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    /*Thank for the head-up. But will this explain the reason why my SQL server

    over-consumed hardware resources and ended up not responding? */

    I guess I answered that sometime back.

    Any investigation would start in this order -> Task manager->Perfmon->Sysprocesses->Queries.

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