Indexes: An Overview and Maintenance for Performance

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  • Thank you Desiree, I just passed MS database implementation exam with a score over 90%. I wish I had read your article first; my score would have been higher. Good relevant Info.

    David Kappel, MCDBA (brand-new), MCSE, CompTIA Security+


  • I look forward to finishing the article, however, could you fix the following typo?

    Each table can have only one clustered index, however up to 249 clustered indexes can be added per table.



  • Well, my significant other is the wordsmith in the family, but I’ll give this a go:


    “Each table can have only one clustered index, however, up to 249 nonclustered indexes can be added per table.


    Consulted BOL searched “noncluserted indexes” then “number per table” issue was is it spelled “non-clustered” or “nonclustered” BOL says “nonclustered”.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be of service, hope this helps. I’d be glad to help in the future too.

    David Kappel,

    P.S I’ looking for work, and I’m willing to travel from the Seattle area. 

  • Quote:


    The fullness of the index pages can be determined by reading the "Avg. Bytes free per page" and "Avg. Page density (full)" statistics. The "Avg. Bytes free per page" figure should be low and the "Avg. Page density (full)" figure should be high. You'll notice that both tables likely have very full pages.


    However, both tables do not have very full pages. They have high free byte counts and low page densities. (6721.0 / 16.96% and 5596.0 / 30.86%)

    Adam Machanic

  • I very much enjoyed the article and it provided a lot of useful information.  I have a stored procedure called RefreshDatabase that runs various maintenance scripts. I've included your reindexing commands in that and am eager to see the performance benefits.

    Again, thank you.

  • I'll use this knowledge in my projects existing tables. Thanks!


    Kindest Regards,

    Al Pagcaliwangan B.S. ECE, B.S.EE

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