Incremental Package Deployment – A SSIS 2016 Feature

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    thanks. But I wouldn't consider this incremental. May be "individual package deployment". 
    Incremental would be something where we (or the program) can identified the diff and deploy only the packages which are changed.



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    Hi, I have a problem with this package deployment method. When you set de "entrypoint package" off and you do a package deployment, the flag is not taken to the catalog. So we still need to use project deployment to get these flags to the catalog. Our processing depends on these flags. Is this resolved in future versions like 2019 ? (Those "entrypoint  pakage" flags are kept in the project file of the solution)

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    We can't use it either. We have an generic file loader, that searchs in the directories for new files and calls the fitting package to load the file. The (sub)package does the load job returns user variables (number of rows etc.) to the parent (the generic loader) who writes this into some logging tables. Saddly the return-a-variable-stuff does not work when we deploy just the single package...

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