Incorrect Syntax near cast expected as

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    select T0.num,T0.doc,T0.CCode,
    (stuff((select cast(', ' + convert(varchar(max),A0.doc)) as 'No' from od A0 inner join dl A1
    on A0.Doc = A1.Doc where (A0.Base = T0.doc) for xml path ('')),1,2,'')) as 'No.'
    from or T0
    inner join oc t1 on T0.Code = t1.Code


  • from or T0 OR is a reserved keyword, if your table is really called or then you need to delimit identify it (or better yet, rename it to something that isn't a reserved keyword).

    Also you have cast(', ' + convert(varchar(max),A0.doc)) but you don't define what you are CASTing the expression to. The syntax is CAST({expression} AS {datatype})

    Also, use meaningful aliases, T0, A0, etc, aren't helpful aliases. Bertrand wrote an article on why these are poor choices: Bad Habits to Kick : Using table aliases like (a, b, c) or (t1, t2, t3)


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

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