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  • Steve,

    It's not just them that do this sort of "non planning":,130061791,139256670,00.htm

    I quote from the article...

    Another customer was critical of the fact that both primary and secondary domain name servers were shifted at the same time, "thus removing all visibility of domains registered on [SmartyHost's] name servers".

    "We had to change both as they point to the same server," said Manzoori.

  • I know my sense of humour never ascends too far out of the gutter, but I do think it was particularly difficult taking the article seriously after it discussed a "flushing incident" followed directly by a "chocolate dash".

    OK, OK, I know I've lowered the tone already, but it worked for Austin Powers.....

    Semper in excretia, suus solum profundum variat

  • a "flushing incident" followed directly by a "chocolate dash"

    I must confess to also being confused for a moment, there. Ahh, the ambiguity of the English language! To be able to interpret the phrase "and now we have" as either "as a result we have" or as "and the most recent is".

  • Todd Townley (11/14/2007)

    a "flushing incident" followed directly by a "chocolate dash"

    I must confess to also being confused for a moment, there. Ahh, the ambiguity of the English language! To be able to interpret the phrase "and now we have" as either "as a result we have" or as "and the most recent is".

    Glad I'm not alone. Never has my signature been quite so appropriate, it seems.... 😉

    Semper in excretia, suus solum profundum variat

  • Just a bit of humor to get things started 🙂

    FYI, you can see the Dash, sans chocolate, here:

  • Getting back to the topic:

    Communication from the IT department or the host provider, etc. is SO important!

    I do website support for a small company, and when something suddenly breaks, I know if I was making changes or not. If not, then I have to contact the host provider and convince them the problem must be in their court. I just ask, "What changed?" If I had a nickel for everytime I have been told it must be my code, etc. and then 30 minutes later, it mysteriously starts working again...

    Usually I don't get an email back with the explanation, which drives me crazy. I know errors happen (shoot, I do plenty of them myself!), but give me the courtesy of a useful explanation, so the next time I get that same error message, I know what to do!

  • Can't talk today. Our T1 phone line is still down. Stayed last night with local phone crew to fix it but they left to "check" something and never came back.

    Didn't bother to call either!

    End result, no phone and two more POTS lines now down because of their work last night.


  • I will never forget the pitiful sight of my open (and therefore backlighted) cell phone sinking into the darkened depths of our swimming pool one evening after I tried to grab it off my hip but didn't quite hold onto it. Splashhhh and then it's me instantly on my belly on the deck reaching into the water, getting my head and shirt wet, but grabbing the phone before it went to the bottom. The screen looked blurry and water-logged, so I took it apart and blow-dried it and let it sit in the open air for a few days. That did seem to fix it, but only for a week or two. Then it just went wacky and I had to replace it. It seems cell phones are not meant to be dropped into swimming pools. Who woulda thunk it? :Whistling:

    Lesson learned: stand far away from swimming pools when doing ANYTHING with your cell phone!

    On the bright side, that did lead to me getting my Blackberry, which is terrific.

  • FWIW - blackberry's don't do pools either....:blush:

    One thing I can't seem to understand in these cases is the total lack of contingency planning. Having worked in healthcare for a long time, nothing major ever went in without a plan A, B and possibly a C plan. And that was usually in addition to the the original system being left alone (assuming it didn't go up in smoke, forcing said change).

    I understand cheap=cheap service usually=bad service. But still - that does seem extreme. Primary and secondary DNS servers on the same box? Only ONE DB server, and ONE day to do this all?

    Even then - there were times when the best of plans can't imagine what the craftiest of "id10t users" would cook up, and foul up all of the safeguards being put into play.

    Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part...unless you're my manager...or a director and above...or a really loud-spoken end-user..All right - what was my emergency again?

  • Pagers can handle beer though! My old manager dropped my circa-1990 pager into a pitcher one day when he was tired of it going off. We let it dry off and it worked the next day. Kept that thing for another year or so! Ahh, the good old days.

    I thought the DNS thing was funny. Definitely a sign of a not-top-notch network guy. And the PR guy says they had to be on the same box. Definitely PEBKAC, ID-10T, and a few other descriptions for those guys.

  • Cell phone in toilet?

    How about one in an outhouse.

    Not sure how it all came out be pretty sure it was crappy ending either way.


    Still fighting a phone outage!

  • Either way it's gone.

    Course it did have a happy ending. I had to explain to my director why I needed a new cell phone. He had me repeat it for his entire team. Lots of chuckles that day.

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