Include Column Headers From SSMS

  • shashi kant (6/13/2008)


    There is other alternative available for this header option

    You can get this option by selecting these options

    Query -> Query Options ->Results -> and then select the option of Include column headers when copying or saving the results


    Shashi Kant Chauhan 😎

    FYI - I believe that only sets the options for that particular query. You need to use the Tools->Options route to enable the headers for all queries going forward.


  • Thanks for the great tip!!!

  • Hey thanks for posting this! I've been dealing with the inconvenience of writing out the column names by hand for a long time now lol...

  • Great Tip.

    Tools > Options

    + Query Results

    + SQL Server

    Select 'Results to Grid'

    Check ' Include column headers when copying or saving results'

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