In SQL 2000, security login inquiry

  • We used the trace file and saw an "SA" ID login in SQL2K was failed and the hostname is blank. Is it possible that the "SA" ID in SQL 2000 was able to login and you cannot capture the HostName?

  • if an application explicitly codes the "Workstation Id = " section to a connection string, then you can blank or or spoof the values you might expect:

    here's a connection string example,and here's how to do it in SSMS:

    Dim mySqlConnectionFormat As String = "data source={0};initial catalog={1};user id={2};password={3};Trusted_Connection=False;Connect Timeout=600;Workstation ID=FAKEMACHINE;Application Name=GhostInTheMachine;"


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  • thanks Lowell.

    I may need a sample script to automatically know an attemp to use "SA" ID login in SQL2K was failed. I need to capture the HostName used.

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